Clover Milk, Low Fat, 1% Milkfat 1 qt

Vitamin A & D. This milk is from cows not treated with rBST. North Coast Excellence certified (annual third party certification). Free farmed. American Humane Association monitored. Excellent source of protein. Excellent source of calcium. Grade A pasteurized. Homogenized. Low fat milk. Vitamin A & D added. The NCE label means - quality: Clover milk comes from Marin, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. Sixteen family farms produce the highest quality milk in the United States - based on coliform, standard plate, and somatic cell counts. rBST-Free: Since the introduction of the growth hormone, rBST, Clover has refused to allow any of our cows to be injected with this growth hormone. Animal Welfare: Clover is the only dairy processor in the western United States awarded the Free Farmed label by the American Humane Association for humanely produced dairy products. Clover milk is quite possibly the cleanest milk in the United States - Pete Hardin - The Milkweed - Brooklyn, WI. Enjoy Clover products in good conscience and good health!