Harmless Harvest Yogurt Drink 8 oz

USDA Organic. Certified Organic by CCOF. Dairy & soy free. Contains 62% juice. Delicious made the harmless way. We made this smooth and tangy, dairy-free yogurt drink with the nutritious meat of young Thai coconuts. (Yep, the same ones we harvest for our coconut water.) Then, we threw in a few billion live active cultures to keep your gut feeling good. No thickeners or stabilizers. 10 billion CFUs at manufacture. Good source of fiber (contains 5g of fat per serving). 3g of MCTs (natural coconut fat). Our Promise: Less harm, more good. Fair for life. Fair trade: This certification means we're serious about fair trade and social progress. Learn more: harmlessharvest.com Tear and loss this label. Recycle the rest. Please recycle. BPA free.