Clover Butter, Unsalted, Sweet Cream 4 Ea

Real California milk. Grade AA. No artificial growth hormones (From cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST. The FDA has stated that no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST treated and non-rBST treated cows). Since 1916. To be sold by carton only. Churned from fresh, sweet cream from local Northern California family farms. Clover Cares: Come learn more about Clover and our delicious dairy products. Welcome to Clover Country: For three generations, we've been bringing you the highest quality dairy products, while pioneering animal welfare standards and protecting our lands for future generations. It All Began with Butter: Families have been enjoying our rich and creamy Clover butter for 100 years and cownting. It was our very first product back in 1916, and today our skilled buttermakers continue to churn out our signature taste. Spreading love - from our family to yours. One of our first butter trucks, circa 1916. First quality.