La Tortilla Factory Tortillas, Simply Better, Corn + Flour Blend 10 Ea

Made with stoneground corn. Made with sustainably sourced palm oil. Whole Grain: 9 g or more per serving. No fluff. No hydrogenated oils. Simply better tortillas. Traditional texture simple ingredients. Uncompromising taste. This is our pledge when making Simply Better Tortillas. We do not use any extra or unnecessary ingredients. While other brands rely on ingredients like hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners and mono and diglycerides to bulk up their tortillas, you won’t find any of that here! Always Non-GMO and made with stoneground corn, our Simply Better Tortillas are authentic without all the stuff. No mono and diglycerides. No hydrogenated oils. No artificial sweeteners. Food, family and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. - Jenny Tamayo, Third Generation Family Member.