Cisse Cocoa Co Super Thins Brownie Crisps Double Chocolate

Cisse Cocoa Co Super Thins® Brownie Crisps Double Chocolate. 130 calories per serving. Single origin fair trade cocoa powder. Made with delicious dark chocolate. No corn syrup. No palm oil. Made with dark chocolate chips. Non GMO Project Verified. Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. Net wt 4 oz (113g). Real ingredients. Sourced with care. We've taken our delicious brownie recipe, spread it out super thin and made it delightfully crunchy then we added our favorite superfoods on top to make them the perfect snackable treat. Now you can have your brownie and eat it too! Organic fair trade cane sugar. All-natural sea salt. Premium dark chocolate chips. Organic fair trade cocoa powder sourced from small-scale farmers. Try our other flavors. Cisse Cocoa Co Super Thins® cherry & sea salt. Cisse Cocoa Co Super Thins® coconut. Cisse Cocoa Co Super Thins® cranberry pepita. *Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA. 67% Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. Cisse and Cisse Cocoa Co, are trademarks of Experience Cisse, Ltd. To find out more about the journey of the cocoa in our Super Thins® visit ©Experience Cisse, Ltd. 2015.