Carb Slim CarbSlim Bites, Peanut Butter Crunch

Chocolate Flavor Crisps in Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate. Candy bites for the low-carb lifestyle! 0 Sugar Carbs. Sweetened with Splenda. With crunchy, chocolate flavor crisps covered in the finest sugar free caramel and sugar free milk chocolate, CarbSlim Bites is a delicious way to treat yourself while following a low-carb, or low glycemic lifestyle. CarbSlim Bites is sugar-free and contains Zero net effective carbs per serving, making it the first ever Bites candy that's low-carb and diabetic friendly. CarbSlim Bites features the latest in sweetening technology. Sweetened with a breakthrough system that utilizes Splenda and Erythritol, CarbSlim Bites delivers candy sweetness without the calories and the digestive upset commonly associated with other sweeteners. With CarbSlim Bites, you can finally indulge yourself in sweet candy bliss anytime, total guilt-free! At home! At the movies! On the go! Guilt free! Carbohydrates Facts: Total Carb 14g - Fiber 6g; Erythritol 8g = Net Effective Carbs 0g. Includes only those carbs that cause a noted effect on blood sugar.