Big River Coffee, Drip Ground, San Francisco Blend

North Beach style. 100% shade & organically grown coffee. Certified organic. We compete in quality. Wine country vineyard. California redwoods. Golden Gate Bridge. Ground for great coffee. Since the establishment of Big River Coffee Company our slogan has been we compete in quality!! Our commitment to quality has led us to shade and organically grown coffees. Today, most of the green coffee we purchase is shade grown. Shade allows the coffee fruit to stay on the plant longer. Maturing to the beat of nature's time clock. This slower natural ripening permits the absorption of nutrients from the rich forest loam and development of the coffee's unique full-bodied flavor. These coffees are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Because of the shade grown growing methods, these coffees are also superior in flavor, aroma and body. USDA organic. Big River Coffee Company is a certified organic processor. This means all of our organics follow a chain of possession certified from the soil it's grown in to the package it's sold in! Big River stands behind them with a 100% guarantee. - Harold Henderson, Founder, Big River Coffee Company. Certified organic by: Organic Certifiers Inc.