La Latilla Tequila

Single Estate. Agave harvested in 2015. La Latilla is a small hamlet 1 km as the crow flies from the distillery La Alteria where Ocho is made. Rancho La Latella slopes gently from the east going full afternoon sun exposure and has mature cedar and oak trees around it. At harvest the plants were 7 years of age being fully mature with an average sugar content of 32%. Nose-pear, cooked pineapple, butter, scents of red earth, apple cider, caramel, green apple, spearmint, wintergreen, iron and aloe vera. Palate - sweet fruity entry, rich mouth feel, earthy minerality, goes to black pepper to rosemary and on to persimmon, cinnamon with hints of mandarin peel and a dry finish. Master Distiller: Carlos Camarena. Not chill filtered. 40% alc./vol. Distillery: La Altena, Arandas, Jalisco.