Stone IPA

All-time top brewery on planet Earth. The most popular and highest-rated brewery - ever. - BeerAdvocate Magazine. A standard-bearer of the style; quite possibly the best IPA in the country. - St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Stone India Pale Ale is a benchmark for hop-a-licious West Coast-style IPAs. - Chicago Tribune. Stone Brewing Co. makes aggressive beer - good news for those tired of the fizzy yellow stuff. - Los Angeles Times. Stone Brewing Co. from Sand Diego is arguably the most notorious player on America's exhilarating craft brewing scene. - The Publican (United Kingdom). Enjoy fresh. Fresh beer is by intention, not by accident. Help us keep fresh Stone in your area! Help us keep fresh Stone in your area. Let us know & we'll get freshies on the shelves. Like standard ales in overdrive - Food & Wine Magazine. Among the greatest breweries in the world - Sierra Club Greenhome. Call them bold. Call them edgy. Even call them controversial - Beverage World Magazine. 77 IBUs. 6.9% ABV.