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    Green Valley Organics® Sour Cream Lactose Free. Real dairy. Grade A. USDA Organic. Net Wt. 12 oz. (340 g). How do we make it lactose free Our Sour Cream is made from real, organic cream. To make it lactose free, we add an enzyme called lactase that breaks down the lactose (milk sugar) into two easily digestible sugars. If you have lactose intolerance you don't have enough lactase enzymes to digest the sugar in cream, and this can be really uncomfortable. So, we do this little step for you. Lactose-free kitchen: Add a little sour cream! There is a world of indulgence out there, without digestive issues. Be sure to try our Kefir. Cream Cheese, Yogurt & Butteri. Enjoy Real Diary. Certified Organic by QCS. To discover recipes, tips, and ideas for a lactose-free lifestyle at www.greenvalleylactosefree.com.