Wacky Apple 100% Juice 6 ea

Naturally sweeter. From organic concentrate. USDA organic. Spill proof. Squeeze proof. BPA free. Gluten free. Corn & soy free. Non GMO. No added sugar. Having a wack attack? Wacky Apple to the rescue. When you're more than just thirsty - when you want flavor, fun, and sweet organic fruitiness all in the same gulp - here's what to do: 1: Take a cold, sweet, Wacky Apple Juice cup. 2: Stick the straw in it. 3: Start sipping! What makes our Wacky Apple Juices so deliciously sweet? Fresh, cool Rocky Mountain air, warm Colorado sunshine, and lots of love and care from the family farms that grow our fruit. Win a free Wacky Apple Fun Pack! Sign up at www.wackyapple.com. New winners every month! Why We (Heart) Organic: Wacky Apple organic apples, pineapples, and blackberries are grown on farms that never use bad chemicals. We let animals, plants and even the worms live on our farms. This helps keep the soil and water safe for the birds, the bees, our trees and you! This is called organic farming. Wacky does this to keep you and our planet healthy. That's why we (heart) organic! - Your friend, Wacky Apple. www.wackyapple.com. Certified Organic by Colorado Department of Agriculture. Colorado proud.