The Tea Room Tea Infusions Dark Chocolate, Mate & Cacao Nibs

Dark chocolate infused with yerba mate tea and cacao nibs. 72% cacao. Organic. Luxuriate with unique infusions. Indulge your palate - with an exquisite medley of flavors: Premium Organic Dark Chocolate of 72% Cacao from Europe, Organic Yerba Mate Tea from South America, and Organic Cacao Nibs from Ecuador. Let it melt on your tongue, while you unwind. The smoothness of the chocolate and the aromas of tea titillate the senses. Relax for a moment and transport yourself to a Parisian tea salon. The flavors are authentic and masterfully combined by our chief chocolatier, Heinz Rimann. His eclectic culinary journey began in Switzerland, wound through London to Zaire, Hong Kong and finally San Francisco. A passion for teas from around the globe brought him to start a patisserie and teashop, known as The Tea Room. USDA organic. Certified organic by: Organic Certifiers.