Soda Stream CO2 Carbonator

Up to 130 L (Depending on level of carbonation and type of soda maker). Re-use. Save money. See for exchange locations. Earth friendly. Less bottles to recycle or throw away. No batteries or electricity. Non-flammable gas. UN-1013 carbon dioxide. DOT approved. SodaStream Cylinder - Under license. For use only with sustainable home soda makers. This SodaStream Cylinder is provided to you under license and remains the property of Soda-Club (CO2) Atlantic GmbH (LLC) or its affiliates. It should only be maintained and refilled by SodaStream. Unauthorized refilling of SodaStream Cylinders by third parties could be risky, illegal and may violate SodaStream's rights. SodaStream only warrants the safety of SodaStream Cylinders refilled by it, bearing a SodaStream safety valve seal. When empty, please return this Cylinder to SodaStream or an authorized SodaStream dealer in exchange for a full SodaStream Cylinder, for the price of the gas refill only, or you may return this Cylinder in good condition without exchanging it and receive a return fee of $1. This Cylinder was filled and checked by SodaStream International BV, Provincienbaan 16, 5121 DL RIJEN, The Netherlands, or on its behalf. Re-use & save money! When empty: swap and save. Bring your empty carbonator to any participating SodaStream retailer and take home a full one for a special Exchange Only price. USA: Tel: 1-800-763-2258. Twitter: at SodaStreamUSA. Facebook: Produced in Israel.