Silva Polish Smoked Sausage 12 oz

Gluten free. Natural smoke flavoring added. Since 1967. Tradition is our recipe. Pork raised on vegetarian fed diet except for dairy products fed from birth to eight weeks. No antibiotics ever (Made with pork raised with no antibiotics ever). Fully cooked. No nitrates or nitrites (Except for naturally occurring nitrates found in celery powder and sea salt). No MSG. Tradition is our recipe! Since 1967, our family owned and operated company has been setting the standard for quality sausage. Made in small batches with traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients, we strive to make the best tasting sausages you can buy. With its smoky and peppery flavor, Polish sausage is a worldwide favorite. We have been making Polish sausage for decades using the best ingredients we can find. Pair with sauerkraut for a classic European style meal, or slice into 1/4 inches pieces and serve with your favorite dipping sauce for a quick appetizer. Enjoy! U.S. inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Facebook. Like us at Instageam. Instagram at silvasausage. Twitter. Twitter at silvasausageco. For more recipes and serving ideas, please visit us at Printed on recycled paper.