Rummo Tubetti Mezzani Rigati 1 lb

Enriched macaroni product. Lenta Lavorazione is an exclusive, slow method of pasta making, which retains all of the goodness of premium durum wheat semolina. Cooking time 13 minutes. Extra premium pasta. Imported finest quality. It is the summer of 1846 in Benevento, southern Italy. The harvest of grain has been great. Antonio Rummo is returning to his mill, happier than usual: his wagon is loaded with extraordinary durum wheat of rare and precious quality. It is not easy to turn this durum wheat into pasta: the dough is hard and firm. Like a wild horse, it needs to be tamed. It takes a careful, slow and lasting kneading to soften the dough and, at the same time, preserve the exceptional qualities of this finest durum wheat. The result is worth the effort: a tenacious pasta, that does not release starches. A lively and tasteful pasta. A different pasta, unique. This is how Rummo's slow-kneaded pasta, Lenta Lavorazione, was born. The strength of this old and exclusive method of pasta making will win your palate. Enjoy this everyday luxury. Special for professional cuisine, precooking, sauteing, and pasta salads. Product of Italy.