Ruger Chocolate Wafers

Established 1987. Gluten free. Wheat free. All natural. Non-GMO. Made with teff flour. Made with non hydrogenated roundtable sustainable palm oil (RSPO). To learn more go to Ruger all natural Non-GMO gluten free & wheat free wafers are deliciously rewarding. Made with teff flour - This ancient grain is rich source of calcium, protein and iron. Fun fact about teff - teff means lost, a reference to the fact that the grains are so small that grains that are dropped are nearly impossible to find. The seeds of teff are so small that a farmer needs just a handful of seeds to sow an entire field. The fine grains grow on long, delicate stems of an annual grass in the genus Eragrostis. Also available in vanilla. Always oven-fresh. To see and learn more go to: Made in Holland.