Only 3 g of sugar per serving. Rip Van Wafels: 3 g sugar; 6 g fiber; 120 calories; 13 g net carbs (total carbs - fiber). Leading Cookie: 14 g sugar; 1 g fiber; 160 calories; 24 net carbs (total carbs - fiber). Leading Granola Bar: 11 g sugar; 2 g fiber; 190 calories; 27 net carbs (total carbs - fiber). Nutrition specs refer to one serving cookies (34 g) and 1 granola bars (40 g) respectively. Not a low-fat food. Contains 6 g of fat per serving. See nutritional information for fat content and saturated fat content. Non GMO Project verified. European snack. Individually wrapped. The inspiration behind our Rip Van Wafel was to bring Americans a unique, guiltless and indulgent snack. Our third iteration of the reinvented Dutch stroopwafel has just 3 grams of sugar. That's less than 1/4 the sugar (The leading cookie contains 14 g sugar/34 g serving. Our cookie contains 3 g sugar/33 g serving, representing more than 75% reduction in sugar) of America's favorite cookie plus 6X the fiber! (Our product contains 6 g fiber/33 g serving, 6x the amount of fiber of the leading cookie with lee than 1 g fiber/34 g serving.) Now go and indulge without the guilt! Indulge without the guilt. About Rip Van: We believe that as the world changes, people deserve better. Our company exists to improve people's lives by inventing better convenient foods that are uniquely delicious, healthier and beautifully designed. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. (at)ripvanwafels. Product of Canada.