USDA Organic. No added sugars. No GMOs. Wellness starts within. Bottled at source. Essential electrolytes. Natural hydration. No preservatives. Pink is Premium: Nam Hom coconuts are revered for the sweet aroma, fresh taste, and pink color of their water. We hand-select ours from sustainably-managed farms in Ratchaburi, Thailand, and bottle the organic water at the source. A real product. Instagram: (at)enjoyrealcoco. Facebook/enjoyrealcoco. For more, visit us at: Tetra Pak: Protects what's good. Non GMO: Sustainable farming. Preserve the nature. Recycle the package. Better for you, better for our planet. Nature's Best: Sustainable, traditional harvesting practices that help the local communities. Bottled at Source: Our unique gentle pasteurization process provides cold-pressed taste in a shelf stable pack. Smaller Carbon Footprint: No refrigeration on needed from Thailand to you. Greener Packaging: Made from FSC certified paper, manufacturing uses 5 times less water and over its lifecycle releases 60% less carbon than PET plastic bottles. Made in Thailand.