Pure Life Distilled Water, 1-Gallon, Plastic Bottled Water (1 Pack), Front Handle

Whoever you call family, we’re here for you, with Pure Life Distilled Water. Pure Life Distilled Water provides just the right product for multiple uses within the home, including plants, steam irons, humidifiers, CPAP machines, and small appliances. With the convenience of a 1-gallon plastic water bottle, you'll have the distilled water on-hand for those unexpected or last-minute moments. Keep your household appliances which require distilled water running at their peak efficiency, with no mineral buildup. From collection to testing, you can trust every drop to give you and your family the benefits of distilled water when you need it. So grab a gallon of Pure Life Distilled water and make it part of your family's routine - it's an easy way to keep your household running smooth.