Humm Kombucha 40 oz

The friend maker. USDA organic. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Gluten free. Contains 3% juice. Organic Raw Kombucha with 5.7 Billion probiotic cultures (at the times of bottling) (contains a trace amount of alcohol). You have 40 ounces of Kombucha goodness in your hand. It's the same raw, authentic Kombucha found in our 14 oz. bottles brewed in Bend, Oregon with delicious organic ingredients and probiotics. What will you do with 40 ounces of Humm? Serve it up as an after school snack. Add it to your breakfast smoothie. Fill your canteen before a hike. Share with the whole family. Hydrate after a workout. Mix up a new cocktail. Bring the hippest NonAlc to the party. Verified Non Alcoholic (NA). GMO-free. Learn more ate Please recycle.