Febreze Stick&Refresh Heavy Duty Crisp Clean Air Freshener 0.18 fl. oz. Carded Pack

Extra-tough odors call for heavy-duty odor elimination. With 2X* odor-eliminating power, Febreze Heavy Duty is our toughest formula ever. Febreze Stick & Refresh Heavy Duty sticks right at the source of the toughest odors to eliminate them for good. 3M Command Strips hold strongly and stretch off cleanly, leaving no residue (when used as directed). Stick it to trash bins and shoe closets, bathrooms, and other small spaces to enjoy the clean, crisp freshness for up to 30 days. Eliminate your most stubborn, hard-to-reach odors with Febreze Stick & Refresh Heavy Duty. *Amount at source Up to 2X* odor-eliminating power—our strongest formula ever.*Amount at source Febreze Stick & Refresh Heavy Duty sticks at the source of odors for freshness, anywhere. 3M Command Strips peel off easily and leave no residue** **Use as directed; Perfect for tight spaces such as trash bins, closets, and bathrooms. Also try Febreze Heavy Duty in Fabric Refresher, Air Effects, Set & Refresh, NOTICEables, and Car air fresheners.