Perfect Bite Co Spanakopita

Rich spinach and cheese filling in a flaky phyllo crust. Spanakopita is the origami of appetizers and takes skill to make! Here we share our favorite recipe - creamy and flavorful - and do the tricky task of folding these little triangles so you can serve this classic with pride and no worry. Be sure to bake them until they are really brown and toasty. They are ready when a little filling starts to escape out of the pastry. The Perfect Bite Co: I love food - everything about it, growing vegetables and fruits, reading about food, cooking, baking and most of all eating. Nothing gives me as much pleasure as sharing something I made with people I care about. That first bite, the perfect bite is what I strive for. I hope you will agree and continue to try each and every one of these appetizers. Let me know what you think! - Teri Valentine. For entertaining ideas visit our website! (hashtag)theperfectbiteco. Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest. Questions? 1-877-507-1527. Product of USA.