Peet's Coffee Coffee 12 oz

Rich, complex, memorable. Our Coffee: Nobody roasts coffee like Peet's. We roast our coffee by hand in small batches to create our signature flavor. You will notice the difference as soon as you open this bag. The color is dark chocolate and the aroma is intense and very fragrant. Roasted coffee tastes best when it is fresh, so the coffee we roast today will be en route to you as quickly as possible. Our People: Our People: Since 196, Peet's has practiced the artisan methods we learned from Alfred Peet, our founder. Our coffee buyers sample coffees from the world's finest growing regions and select the best lots. while computers are often used to roast coffee, we believe the deepest flavor and fullest body can only be achieved by a skilled roaster who has been trained to roast by hand in small batches. Our coffee buyers and roasters meet daily to taste and discuss the day's roasts. They seek continual improvement in their craft. We are proud of our traditions and our coffee.