Parachutes Skydivers Two Cheeses Brazilian Cheese Sticks 17 ea

Parmesan and Brazilian artisan cheese. Gluten free. Soy free. Made in a gluten-free facility. Let's jump! Woo-hoo! We're gluten free! Flavoring free. Coloring free. As brothers, one of our favorite adventures is riding motorcycles across the country and experiencing the U.S. National parks. Parachutes is our way of inviting you to jump into life and savor the moment. That's why we packed Parachutes for every occasion with seven simple ingredients that give them freshness all day - tapioca flour, milk, eggs, sunflower oil, Brazillian Artisan cheese, parmesan cheese, and salt. Over the decades, our family crafted a recipe to make each bite the perfect experience. We're thrilled to deliver Parachutes straight from Brazil to your oven! Packed with love, Henrique & Vini. Straight from Brazil to your oven. We're ready to bake. Follow us (at)iloveparachutes. Instagram; Twitter; Facebook. Parachute with us. Explore recipes and more at Connect with us at hello(at) Product of Brazil.