Nuco Mayo, Vegan, Coconut

Dressing and sandwich spread. Made with coconut oil and real food ingredients. No soy canola. Gluten free. Egg free. Coconut Vegan Mayo: Real food. Real ingredients. Pure coconut oil. Coconut vegan mayo? Yes, it's real! Made with delicious, all natural, real food ingredients. No EDTA, preservatives or additives. Enjoy this flavorful vegan mayo, crafted with the flavor and goodness of coconut oil and avocado oil. Made with: pure coconut oil; avocado oil; real food ingredients; medium chain fatty acids. No: no preservatives; no trans (see nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content) fat; dairy; non-GMO. Lean more at Follow Us: (hashtag)cocobynuco; Facebook/nucoconut; Twitter: (at)cocobynuco; Instagram: (at)cocobynuco; Pinterest: nucoconut. Product of the USA.