Northern Chef Shrimp Ring, Wild Baja

With cocktail sauce. Wild caught. All natural. Baja Mexico. Dine well. Feel well. Live well. Northern Chef Wild Baja Shrimp Ring with Cocktail Sauce: These Northern Chef shrimp have been wild caught by day-boat fishermen in Magdalena Bay located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Baja California, Mexico. These Pacific shrimp are firmer and sweeter than regular farm-raised shrimp and even other wild caught shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. Northern Chef shrimp are always all natural with no preservatives, chemicals or other additives ever used so enjoy the sweet natural taste of wild Baja shrimp. By purchasing these shrimp, you will be supporting a community of small-scale fishermen committed to preserving the health of their home, Magdalena Bay and making their methods of catch more sustainable. Questions/Comments? 1-206-515-9688 Ext. 200 visit our website: Product of Mexico. Processed in Thailand.