Nicoles Divine Crackers Crackers, Be Sure to Flax Me!

All natural. No preservatives. It's delicious - it's delightful - it's defloured. Don't wax me, don't tax me. Gluten-free. Certified gluten free. Certified organic grains. Hello Dearie, Imagine not being able to eat certain foods. Foods that you love. Foods that you will have to live without for the rest of your life. At last, if anyone could bring flavor, and pizzazz, where before there was only baked blotter and wallpaper, Nicole has done it! Not once but four times over. They're delicious, they're delightful, they're de-floured! Absolutely, wonderfully edible, divinely good gluten-free crackers. After you try my flavors, you're going to be in love with me all over again. Nicole has saved the day once again. Be sure to write, or email. I'll be waiting. Lest we forget. Nicole. Yum yum. Web: These crackers are made by humans!