270 calories. 5 g net carbs per serving (Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Polyols - Allulose). Swedish-style light ice cream (Contains 68% fewer calories than regular ice cream [Nick's Mint Chokladchip light ice cream. Contains 70% calories compared to 217 calories per serving of regular ice cream]). No sugar added (See nutrition facts for calorie and sugar content. FDA does not list allulose as sugar in nutrition facts labels). Keto-friendly. Mint and choklad, a classic combination as refreshing as a crisp spring morning, before sunrise, when your milk pail is still covered in frost during Hedvig's milking. A flavor for a sophisticated palate, yet when our creamy Swedish-style Mint Chokladchip melts In your mouth you'll feel like a kid, giddy to find the next delectable nibble of chokladchip. So creamy! Images are only suggestive of flavor. Does not contain actual chocolate pieces. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. (hashtag)nicksicecreams.