Natural Value Coconut Milk, Organic, Lite

BPA free can lining. Now with added guar gum. 45% less milk fat than regular coconut milk. Gluten free. Vegan. USDA organic. This our top-of-the-line Organic Light Coconut Milk. It contains 5-7% milk fat. No stabilizers. No emulsifiers. No whiteners. No guar gum. Kosher. When opening the can, you may notice the coconut has become a clump at the top. That is a good sign! It means you are getting pure Organic Coconut Milk! To get it back to its original state, gently warm the contents and it will return to a liquid form. To make it, we take coconuts, remove the outer shell and take the coconut meat inside, add water, and puree it. Nothing added. We want you to be satisfied with every Natural Value produce you purchase. No preservatives. A family business. Product of the Philippines.