Montana Mex Salt 2.4 oz

Seasoning. Hello! Thanks for choosing me, the Montana Mex Picante Salt - I am a hot little seasoning that will add some zing to your zang, some heat to your meat and some pop to your. So use me whenever you want to taste great, smell great and spice things up, especially on a first date. For recipe ideas & coupons say hello on facebook - Facebook/montanamex. For competitions & new products follow us around on twitter - Twitter at montanamex. Chef Eduardo Garcia is the MontanaMex emperor of flavor & chief recipe creator - enjoy his sea salt super seasonings on all your culinary creations. See him in action at For Best Before: peek at my bottom (best make sure no one's looking). We will give 5% of profits to support progressive charities & projects. Distributed by wizards. I'm a product of the USA.