Mineral Fusion Nighttime Treatment, Line-Smoothing, Treat

With glycolic acid and pineapple fruit enzyme. Minerals on a mission. Overnight renewal. Helps smooth skin overnight. Exfoliates dull skin overnight. All skin types. Fragrance free. 100% vegan. Gluten free. Paraben free. Mineral water. Pineapple fruit enzyme. Glycolic acid. Minerals & botanicals in harmony. Smoothes Skin Overnight: Conditioning Vitamin E, Mineral Water, and Shea Butter plus our wrinkle-fighting, elasticity-promoting peptide help smooth and firm skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines. Exfoliates Surface Cells: Powerful Pineapple Fruit Enzyme gently exfoliates dull surface cells as you sleep while deeply penetrating Glycolic Acid encourages overnight cell renewal and reveals smoother skin. Makeup Ready: Smoother, more even skin provides a beautiful canvas for flawless, natural-looking makeup. Hypo-allergenic. Cruelty free. www.mineralfusion.com. Minerals on a Mission: We are dedicated to creating effective and healthy skin care while contributing to the wellbeing of our community - we call this pursuit Minerals on a Mission. To learn more visit mineralfusion com. NCADV: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Please join us in our support of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Visit ncadv.org to let these brave women know they are not alone. Please recycle. Printed with soy ink. 100% Wind Energy: Printed with 100% wind energy. Made in USA.