Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dress-Up, Merry Mermaid

Ages 3+. Wooden doll & stand plus 33 magnetic accessories. Merry Mermaid Magnetic Dress-Up helps develop hand-eye coordination and counting and sorting skills; promotes creative expression and imaginative play. Extension Activities: Lay out all the pieces and assemble the outfits so they match as closely as possible. Choose your favorite ensemble for Merry to wear! Than change pieces of Merry's outfit to mix and match different looks. Lay out all the pieces. Then sort the pieces according to different qualities: tails/tops/ accessories or flowers/shellejewels, for example. (You can use the box compartments for this, adding removable labels if you wish!). Imagine different events for Merry to attend, such as a concert, a fancy party, or a swimming race. Pick an outfit for her to wear to the event. Trace one of the magnetic pieces on paper and fill the outline with your own designs. Cut out the shape and carefully tape it to the original magnetic piece to use! (Wrap the tape around so it sticks to the black magnetic surface). Tell a story about Merry, using the outfits and accessories to add to the action. For instance, you could begin / with Merry swimming in the sea, then have her travel to land to gather flowers for a party. Use your imagination and have fun! Includes a princess dress for Merry to wear on land! Melissa & Doug products meet or exceed US testing standards and pass our high quality requirements. TSCA Title VI compliant for formaldehyde. We love feedback! Call us: 1-800-284-3948.