Melissa & Doug Ages 3+ Catch & Count Fishing Game 1 ea

Ages 3+. 2 magnetic rods & reels. 10 magnetic fish to catch. Spinner. Storage bag. Reel in a colorful catch with number activities, matching games, and more! Let's go fishing! Includes: 2 magnetic rods & reels. 10 magnetic fish spinner. Storage bag. Includes games for 1-2 players! Setup: Spread out the blue mesh bag in the middle of the play space to serve as the fishing pond. Then spread out all the fish, face-up, in the middle of the pond. To Use the Fishing Rod: Hold the handle and dangle the magnetic hook over the fish. Then turn the reel to lower and raise the fishing line and catch a fish! To Use the Spinner: The worm's head points to the number and color you will try to catch. If you spin an empty hook, your turn ends without fishing. Basic Game: (2 players) Take turns spinning the spinner (one spin per turn). If the pond contains a fish that matches the color and number shown, the player collects that fish. At the end of the game. whoever has the most fish wins! More Ways To Play: (1-2 players). Rainbow Trout: (2 players) Spin the spinner, then use the rod to catch a fish that matches the color or number shown. Collect only one fish of each color and number. Whoever completes a set first is the winner! (1 player) Try to complete a set in 10 spins or less. Mackerel Math: (2 players) Spin the spinner, then use the rod to collect one or more fish that add up to the number shown. On your next turn, add fish equaling the new number shown. The first to collect a sum greater than 10 is the winner! (1 player). Alternate adding and subtracting your spins until you get back to zero. School of Fish: (2 players) Spin the spinner, then use the rod to catch one, two, three, four, five fish to match the number shown. The first to collect five fish is the winner! (1 player) Try to complete a fishy number line from 1 to 5. Helpful Hints: For beginners, space the fish farther apart; for an added challenge, move closer together. For beginners, reel in to make the line shorter; for an added challenge, extend the line. Extension Activities: (1) Help the child count all the fish pieces. (2) Help the child identify colors and patterns on the fish (red, orange, striped, spotted). (3) Ask the child to line up the fish from biggest to smallest. (4) Sort the fish into groups (add or even numbers, striped or spotted patterns). (5) Place a bowl or bucket at the other end of the room. Challenge the child to catch the fish with the rod, then walk to the bowl or bucket and deposit the fish, one at a time. (6) Roll down the top of the storage bag until it makes a shallow pool. Place all the fish in the pool and ask the child to catch them all. (7) Set a timer or card to 20 while the players collect as many fish as possible with their fishing rods. See who collects the most! (8) Challenge the child to top each fish's body with the hook without attaching to the fish's magnet. (9) Decorate a large piece of construction paper to make o fishing pond for your play surface. Add fishing chairs, hats and buckets to complete the scene! Remove all packaging before giving the product to a child. Please retain for information. Melissa & Doug products meet or exceed U.S. testing standards and pass our high quality requirements. TSCA Title VI compliant for formaldehyde. We love feedback! Call us: 1-800-284-3948,