Tofurky Feast 3 lb

A delicious vegetarian feast. Feast includes a tender, juicy stuffed tofu roast, 8 delicious cranberry-apple, potato dumplings, rich Tofurky giblet & mushroom gravy, and our signature Tofurky jurky wishstix. 100% certified vegan. America's number 1 turkey alternative since 1955. Celebrate with Tofurky. Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas in particular, can be a lonely time for vegetarians. For years, people who choose not to eat meat have been pretty much left out of the celebration with only side dishes to consume. In 1995, with the introduction of the first Tofurky Roast, all that changed. Tofurky provides a delicious, eye-appealing, satisfying centerpiece that is easy to prepare. Whether you are a vegetarian needing something special to bring to a dinner or a cook wanting to find a quick and easy dish to serve your non-meat eating guests, Tofurky can help bring fun and joy for all your next feast. Made in the USA.