9m+. 4 rolling, soft-to-touch cars and trucks. Pull them back, then watch them go! Pull them back to get motor skills, logical connections, and creative play rolling! Bright Colors: nurture early vision, focus, and color awareness. Exciting Vehicles: mimic the best of baby's everyday world! Self-Rolling Wheels: zip along to keep young children moving! Removable Cloth Covering: separates for easy laundering. Lightweight Pieces: are easy to lift and manipulate. Rubber Treads: wind motor gears with every pull. Pull-Back Town Vehicles build these skills-key pieces of the developmental Learning Triangle. Physical. Cognitive. Social. Sensory. Fine motor. Gross motor. Logical. Creative. Linguistic. Emotional. Communication. Self-esteem. 9 Months and Up: Place a vehicle on the floor, facing the child but slightly out of reach, and encourage the child to reach and grasp to pull it near. Place a vehicle in front of the child and slightly to one side, and encourage the child to roll the vehicle from one hand to the other. Identify the different vehicles: taxi, police car, fire truck, school bus. Help the child to pat each vehicle as you say its name. 12 Months and Up: Place two vehicles on the floor and help the child bump them together. Help the child identify the different colors on the vehicles. Say a color name aloud and guide the child's finger to point to a vehicle with that color. Line up the vehicles in a row and count them aloud. Ask the child to pat them along with you as you count. 18 Months and Up: Sitting a few feet away from a wall, encourage the child to roll back a vehicle and let it go to try to reach the wall. Count different parts of a vehicle, such as all the wheels or logs. Ask the child to point and count along with you. Use the vehicles to tell a story, describing the people and animals inside and drawing inspiration from other details, such as the fire hose, stop sign, and passengers. It All Begins with Play! Melissa & Doug K's Kids toys nurture early childhood development in three key skill areas: physical, cognitive, and social. With interactive designs and multisensory features, K's Kids promotes constructive play and effortless learning, keeping interest high and new skills flourishing throughout the baby and toddler years! Melissa & Doug products meet or exceed all US toy testing standards and pass our high quality requirements. We care about your comments. Please call us! 1.800.284.3948. www.MelissaAndDoug.com. Made in China.