Lucky Spring Rolls, Hand Rolled, Kale with Cranberries

With traditional sauce. No MSG. No sugar added. No preservatives. Vegan. Vegetarian. Hand rolled. New eco-friendly packaging. Packed with freezer safe lining. Reducing single use plastic waste! GMO Free: Never GMO's always natural. 100 calories per serving. Fully cooked, heat and serve! Like us at Lucky Foods put a healthy twist on the best of traditional Asian cuisine to bring you Lucky Foods Spring Rolls, Pot Stickers, Potato Stix, and Seoul Kim Chi. Our Spring Rolls are made only from the highest quality ingredients. They are delicately hand rolled, fully cooked and ready to serve. Serve the traditional way with the included dipping sauce, and garnish with lettuce or herbs! Scan me with your smartphone for access to exclusive promotions and contests! 100% recyclable. Eco-friendly packaging; soy based ink, less box less waste. Product of USA.