Living Intentions Superfood Nut Blend, Organic, Activated, Honey Sriracha

With sprouted almonds, sprouted hazelnuts and live probiotics. Organic. Probiotic. Non GMO. Gluten-free. Living intensions. Ideal nutrition, activated. Vitamin E: 25% DV. Fiber: 12% DV. Protein: 4 g. USDA Organic. Powered by Ganeded BC 30 probiotic. Digestive & immune health. Pure foods ingredients, no weird stuff added! Taste, Activated: Our Honey Sriracha Superfood Nut Blend brings the heat with a hint of sweet, along with the superfood goodness of sprouted almonds, hazelnuts, and enzymatically active raw honey. We've also included 1 billion CFUs of friendly probiotic cultures in each bag to support immune health (based on two servings a day, as a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle). Idea Nutrition, Activated: Sprouted. Superfood. Probiotic. Bio-available. Minimally processed. Get activated! Learn more at What is activated? Activated is food at its highest potential. At living intentions, activated is an outlook, a way of being, and a mantra for intentionally shifting life into higher gear. That's why we make incredibly flavorful snacks and meals with real, nutritionally-dense, activated foods. Ideal nutrition, activated. Certified kosher. Oregon Tilth: Certified Organic. Paleo Certified. Vegan. Certified organic by Oregon tilth.