Landies Candies Truly Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, Bite Size Pieces of Pure

This is not a reduced calorie food. Natural antioxidants. Rich in flavanoids. Not just sucrose free. Not just no sugar added. But truly sugar free. Dedication and hard work in producing the highest quality products has been our focus since we started Landies Candies in 1983. Landies Truly Sugar Free products are made with the finest ingredients: rich and creamy milk, white and dark chocolate flavored coatings, and an assortment of mouthwatering nuts, pretzels and flavorings. Our coatings are sweetened with maltitol, a natural sugar free sweetener that is made from corn syrup. Maltitol has 90% of the sweetness of table sugar, a high organic and mineral purity level, and a pleasant, sweet taste with no aftertaste. Made in the USA.