Laird Superfood Matcha Drink Mix 8 oz

Coconut water + Aquamin. Gluten free. Vegan. Dairy free. Paleo magazine approved. Soy free. Good source of calcium + iron. Non GMO. Optimal performance. Healthy living. Just add water. One bag makes 19-8 oz servings. No added sugar. Nature's ultimate hydration solution. Hydrate us the all-natural, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to sugar-laden sports drinks. This delicious blend is a good source of calcium and iron, low in calories, and doesn't contain sweeteners, artificial ingredients, colors, or chemicals. 3 Delicious, Power-Packed Ingredients: Freeze-dried coconut water helps preserve naturally-occurring potassium and other electrolytes. Aquamin: A calcified marine algae sourced from the north Atlantic consisting of 72 trace minerals. Japanese Matcha: Shade grown and finely ground, whole leaf green tea powder. All-Natural Performance Solution: Ideal choice for optimal hydration. Maintain your peak performance. Clean way to refuel and replenish. We promise you will never find any artificial ingredients in our products. Aquamin: A natural multi-mineral complex made up of 72 trace minerals. Budget and Eco friendly.