Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Knife, Paring, 3.0 Inches

Ceramic blade for sharp, clean cutting. Dishwasher safe. Our ceramic knives are the ultimate cutting tools for every day slicing of fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats. The ergonomic handle provides for a comfortable and highly controlled grip. Simply hand wash or wipe clean with a towel. Use with a wood or plastic cutting board. Unrelenting Sharpness: Our advanced ceramic is a material close in hardness to diamond with a rock-like edge that will not roll like steel blades. The result is a razor sharp blade that retain its original sharpness more than 10 times longer than steel knives. Unparalleled Purity: Ceramic is a pure and healthy alternative. Unlike steel knives, ceramic blades will not transfer metal ions to food, nor corrode from acids or oils in fruits and vegetables. Ceramic will never ever rust. Ultra Lightweight: At half the weight of an equivalent steel knife, a ceramic knife becomes a comfortable extension of the hand, reducing fatigue during long, repetitive cutting tasks. Wear: All knives dull over time. A soft metal blade (stainless steel) rolls as it becomes dull. Harder metals (such as high carbon steels) hold their edge longer, but dull differently. Harder materials are less forgiving and tend to slightly chip instead of roll. Ceramic starts out sharper - and stays sharper - longer. In time, you may notice micro nicks on the blade's edge. This is the normal process by which any hard material blade will dull. Despite its appearance, the existence of microchips does not necessarily mean the knife is dull. You will find that it performs well for quite some time. When the knife no longer performs to your liking, Kyocera's resharpening process will reestablish a new sharp edge. Larger chips and broken tips can often be corrected by resharpening as well. Care & Use Instructions: English, French, Swedish, Chinese, Korean, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. Resharpening Service & Warranty: Please contact your closest Kyocera world wide branch on resharpening service and warranty. Made in China. Blade manufactured in Japan.