Kodiak Cakes Whole Grains Taste Better Oatmeal, Hearty Instant, Chocolate Chip, 6 Pack

Unleashed. Protein-packed. 12 g protein. Crafted with 100% whole grains. Non GMO. A frontier staple for everyday adventures. Nourishing and convenient, oatmeal was a favorite of frontier folk for good reason. Kodiak Cakes Oatmeal Unleashed is crafted with whole grain rolled oats and protein-packed to make it a great-tasting source of nourishment whether you're at home or out on the trail. Full instructions on back. Grizzly bear and wildlife foundations we're committed to keeping the frontier wild for future generations. Your purchase helps us support foundations that protect grizzly bears and other wildlife habitats around the country. Kodiak Cakes started out of a red wagon. Learn our story and join our adventure at kodiakcakes.com. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Pinterest.