JackFruit Jackfruit Meal 10 oz

Jackfruit, bell peppers + chickpeas in a coconut green curry with a hint of spice and kaffir lime. Coconut + vegetables + Thai green chile. 6 g protein per serving. Vegan Gluten-free Excellent source of fiber: contains 13 g total fat per serving; contains 9 g saturated fat per serving Good source of iron Non GMO project verified. nongmoproject.org Complete meal ready in minutes. Meaty texture + whole food. The jackfruit company. Jack of all foods. Meaty jackfruit. Heat & have at it! Know Jack: Jackfruit [jak-froot]: N a delicious miracle food, packed full of fiber, low in calories and good any darn time you're hungry. King of (the jungle) versatility. You can eat it like a meat, veggie or fruit. All for the farmers. Straight-from-farm supply chains that put $ back in farmer's pockets. Hugest tree-borne fruit. Grows to a whopping 100 lbs! We're about making things better: good eats; farmers' lives; our footprint. Heat & eat! This convenient, nutritious meal can go everywhere you do - from weekday lunches to weekend camping, it's the perfect wholesome food in a flash! Seeds and seed covers often appear; these are natural, edible components of the fruit.Take a peek and see what’s inside! Unearth all the wonder of this delicious, jack of all foods at www.TheJackfruitCompany.com Facebook Instagram Twitter Product of India.