USDA Organic. Certified gluten free. Vegan. Paleo. Certified organic by NFC. No shiny glaze. No dairy/gluten. No refined/cane sugar. No sunflower lecithin. No alkalizing. No palm oil. No sugar alcohols. No soy lecithin. Non GMO project verified. Get back to human. House ground cacao. No Shiny Glaze: Chocolate-covered snacks always struck us as bizarrely shiny. Something weird must be added”, we’d say. We were right. Confectioner’s glaze (or “shellac”) gives chocolate-covered snacks their appetizing sheen. This glaze is on almost every chocolate-covered goodie, but most people don’t realize it’s usually a chemically-treated insect goo (Google it - kinda gross). Hu avoids weird ingredients like Confectioner’s Glaze and embraces unadulterated chocolate. Jordon & Jessica Sibling Co-Founders. Organic house ground 70% cacao. (at)Hukitchen. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Check out our paleo-inspired Hu Kitchen restaurant Union Square, NYC, 14th & 5th Avenue.