Paskesz Household Wax

Canning. Candle making. Reduces friction. Snow skis. Water skis. Surf boards. Paraffin N.F. - conforms to FDA regulations. Home canning: Parowax is the pure, refined paraffin wax preferred by generations of homemakers for sealing jams, jellies and preserves. Note: To reduce the risk of molding, make two pourings of wax approximately five minutes apart to ensure a proper seal. For snow skis, water skis, surfboards: Parowax is the ideal wax for skis and surfboards. Assures maximum speed, provides protection from wear and moisture. Square cakes deposit wax quickly, easily, and uniformly. Candle making: The finest decorative candles can be easily made with Parowax. Reduces friction: Parowax makes things slide easily and quietly. Rub onto zippers, drawer runners, latches, tight fitting windows, doors, etc. Waxing skis. Reduces friction. A highly refined paraffin wax for sealing jams, jellies, and preserves, in open top containers and for home candlemaking. Made in USA.