Aloha Bay Unscented Chakra Jar Love Svadhishthana Orange - 1 Candle

100% vegetable. Below the navel. Water, contraction. Activates organ of taste. Important: We engineer our candles to minimize soot emissions. No petroleum products, no lead wicks. Visit our website at Burntime: 100 hours. 100% renewable. Vegetable Palm Wax: Sourced from countries with a record of being responsible in managing their natural resources, and which are making serious efforts to preserve the rainforest. Non-GMO. Vegan. Kosher. Fair Trade: This natural candle was handmade in a family owned factory in rural Indonesia, where the employees enjoy humane working conditions, regular 36 hour work weeks, good wages, free health care and vacation benefits. Palm Trees: No yearly tilling of soil. Ancient Crop: Pest resistant; non-GMO. Less Machinery: More rural employment. More Oil Per Acre: 10x more than soy.