Henry & Lisas Wild S. American Mahimahi 9 oz

Natural seafood. Nurture your health. Healthy Omega-3's. Lean protein. Quick & easy 3 steps. Designed by award winning chef Sam Hayward. Simply delicious, healthy seafood! No preservatives. No antibiotics. No chemicals. No hormones. Just 100% premium grade seafood and nothing else! This product is randomly tested for mercury and PCB's. No GMO - naturally processed without chemicals. Healthy population. Responsible Management. Limited by-catch. Low impact gear. Local community benefit. Henry & Lisa's Wild South American Mahimahi. Our mahimahi are caught on these small family owned handline boats in Peru. Fishermen go out on short day trips, seeking out mahimahi, using a single hook and line. Fish fact: Mahimahi are voracious eaters and can gain 10% of their body weight in one day! Dear Friends, Our mission is to be your family's trusted source for the world's healthiest, safest, highest quality ocean friendly seafood, naturally. We've traveled the world since 1999 sourcing the finest seafood available, enjoying meeting with local artisanal family fishers and supporting their way of life. Our seafood is the best quality available, here's why. Within hours of harvest, we quick freeze all of our seafood at super-low temperatures with the latest technology, locking in peak freshness. What others call fresh is on average 10-14 days old by the time it's consumed - that's not fresh. We guarantee - you'll taste our difference. We care deeply for the future of our planet and the world of water. Take a gander and see just how fresh our fish really is. Yum! Product of Peru.