Sensodyne Maximum Strength Toothpaste Fresh Impact

Other Information: Store below 86 degrees F (30 degrees C). Misc: Toothpaste for sensitive teeth and cavity prevention. Maximum strength (Maximum FDA sensitivity active ingredient) with fluoride. 24/7 sensitivity protection (with twice daily brushing). ADA accepted - American Dental Association. No. 1 dentist recommended brand. 9 out of 10 dentist recommended brand. Keeps breath feeling fresh. Questions or comments? Call toll-free 1-866-844-2797 (English/Spanish) weekdays. Use Sensodyne toothpaste whenever you normally brush: clinically proven ingredient reduces painful sensitivity; provides sensitivity relief in as little as two weeks; freshens breath with a fresh minty flavor; leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh; contains fluoride for cavity protection. No. 1 dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth (Dentists have been recommending Sensodyne toothpaste for over 20 years. Brushing twice a day with Sensodyne toothpaste builds a shield of protection against painful sensitivity. And, since Sensodyne toothpaste has fluoride, it helps protect against cavities too). Visit us at: The ADA Council on scientific affairs’ acceptance of Sensodyne Fresh Impact is based on its finding that the product is effective in helping to prevent and reduce tooth decay, when used as directed. This product contains no sugar, like all ADA-accepted toothpastes. Made in the USA.