Redmond Earthpaste Wintergreen Toothpaste

Amazingly natural toothpaste. No glycerin. No fluoride. No foaming agents. No artificial coloring. All natural. Vegan. No SLS. No coloring. Earthpaste is vegan, gluten free, never tested on animals, and amazingly effective. You won't believe how clean your teeth feel! Simple, clean and real. Live your journey. Simple ingredients. Earthpaste is Delicious: Wild-harvest essential oils will make you want to smile. Earthpaste is Ugly: We don't add chemicals to make it white! Earthpaste Doesn't Foam: You'll think it's weird, then you'll decide it's amazing. Simple + clean + real. Redmond is known for great products and a unique way of doing business. Connect with us online! 100% natural toothpaste that works! On a journey to create clean toothpaste for our families, we discovered something amazing: toothpaste doesn't need any of the chemicals most brands include! Only 5 Ingredients: redmond clay; real salt; essential oils; xylitol; water. Learn more about Prop 65 at Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. (at)earthpaste.