6 years +. Non toxic. Clean teeth and gums. Better grip for growing kids. Better by design. Award-winning Design for Big Kid Clean: Now, big kids can use a grown-up brush. Sized just right for small hands and mouths, the extra big brush head plus the funky, angled handle cleans teeth and gums better to protect enamel and reduce bleeding. Free of BPA, synthetic dyes and toxins. Award-winning design. Supersized, gum massaging design. Comfortable grip for growing kids. Green by Design: Handle is Recyclable! (No.5) clip off head. Bioplastic bristles. Recycled & sustainable packaging. Botanical-based inks. Water-based coatings. 100% toxin free. Low-energy machines. ADA Accepted: American Dental Association. www.madebyradius.com. Discover Our Clean & Green Mission: www.madebyradius.com. Women owned. Cruelty-free and vegan. FDA: Radius is registered under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration USA. Made in USA. Proud to be made in Pennsylvania, USA.