Honest Co Pads 10 ea

Made with. Ultra thin protection. Hypoallergenic. Locks in wetness. Ultra soft & breathable. Honestly Free of: Rayon, polyester, fragrances, deodorants, artificial dyes, phthalates, pesticide residues, chlorine or chlorine dioxide processing, SAP, ethanolamine, Diethylhexyl Adipate, acetone, chloromethane, chloroform, chloromethane & acetophenone. Honest to Goodness: Your purchase helps fund education & skill-training for young women to pursue their dreams. Certified organic by ICEA. GOTS 2007-005. Global organic textile standard. Join us at Honest.com or call 888-862-8818. Comfort, performance, and purity - you can have it all. Naturally soft and absorbent organic cotton topsheet and core provide premium absorbency, dryness and pH compatibility, ensuring breathability and comfort for sensitive skin ((where we need it most!). Lightweight and ultra thin, with plant-based waterproof backing and wings for leak protection. No fragrances, deodorants, rayon or synthetic superabsorbents - everything you need, nothing you don't. Ultra soft, breathable organic cotton topsheet. Draws in liquid and locks away wetness. Thin wings wrap for a secure fit. Naturally absorbent & breathable organic cotton core. Plant-based waterproof backing for leak protection. Hypoallergenic. Locks in wetness. Ultra soft. pH compatible. Breathable. Plant-based with organic cotton. Please recycle! Made in Italy.